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Underwater & Beach Cleaning

If you are looking for professional divers to clean your beaches or underwater sites, Desert Sea Divers are always ready to make it safer, cleaner and more beautiful for you.



What We’re Doing?

Pollution takes away all the beauty of our beaches and seas. There’s a wide variety of debris floating around the sea, including plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, paper and cardboard. Debris can be dangerous to marine life includes cans and bottles, discarded fishing nets and carrier bags. It’s also a hazard to people who use the water and costs marine ecosystems billions each year.

Desert Sea Divers works with a group of Professional Diving Instructors to ensure safer, cleaner and beautiful beaches and seas by driving economically viable and sustainable solutions to huge problem and promoting awareness of marine conservation issues.

Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the environment to such a point that its effects become harmful to human health, other living organisms, or the environment.


Our Mission

We are working to remove marine debris and to stop the flow of trash at the source, before it has a chance to reach the water to choke dolphins or endanger sea turtles, or ruin our beaches and depress our local economies which lead to:

  • Cleaner Beaches , Reef and Coral.
  • Improve the health of the marine ecosystem.
  • Safeguard human health and livelihood (What goes in the ocean goes in you).
  • Protect marine animals from harm.

We support Project Aware and we dive against marine debris.

To protect your favorite dive local from the onslaught of Sea trash! BE part of our solution, not part of the Pollution.


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