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Rescue Diver Course




Rescue Diver Course :

PADI’s Rescue Diver program builds your confidence as a diver, give you valuable experience in emergency management  and prevention and heighten your awareness of the surrounding environment.

Rescue Diver Course Structure:

The PADI Rescue Diver Course  conducted  over 5 days and 5 (but it may be more until mastery is achieved). You will learn:

  1. Self rescue
  2. Recognising and managing stress in other divers
  3. Emergency management and equipment
  4. Rescuing panicked divers
  5. Rescuing unresponsive divers


  1. Completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive.
  2. Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) Training within the past 24 months.


  1. PADI Rescue Diver Course Manual
  2. PADI Rescue Diver Course DVD Student Edition
  3. RDP or eRDP (Recreational Dive planner)
  4. Log book

Gear and Equipment

You’ll use your basic scuba equipment, and you’ll work with an oxygen unit, floats, marker buoys and perhaps CPR mannequins.

Recommended gear must to be owned:

  1. First Aid Kit.
  2. Pocket Mask.

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