Dive Sites and Events for February 2014 Desert Sea Divers

During Ramadan there are no any changes in our scheduled trips

Date Day

Locations (weather permitting)

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1st Saturday February

Chicken Wreck

Two beautiful reefs


Christy Reef


  Fiona Reef  

7th Friday February

Marble Wreck

One Wreck and Two beautiful reefs

  Marble Garden  



Apo Reef


8th Saturday February

Ana's Reef

Ideal day for group and families


Elbow Reef

  Emily Reef  




14th Friday February

Chicken Wreck

One wreck and Two Reefs


Whisky Reef



Ghadha Reef



15th Saturday February

Four mile Reef

Here is the chance to do deep dive in four


Marble Wreck

Mile Reef


Coral Garden


21st Friday February

Soft Coral Garden

These reefs are really worth more than

  Crazy "8" One Visit


Seaman's reef


22nd Saturday February

Table Mountain

Two Reefs and one Wreck


Chicken Wreck



Ghadha Reef  

28th Friday February

Fiona Reef

Ideal day for beginner divers


Christy Reef



Coral Garden  

1st Saturday March

Cable Wreck

One of the best Wreck


Ana's Reef

and two beautiful reefs


Crazy "8"  

Saturday 1st February

Chicken Wreck

Two beautiful Reef


Christy Reef



Fiona Reef  


In case of bad weather the Captain and Divemaster will decide on a suitable site
Do you want to see some other sites included in the schedule or have suggestion on the 3 dives combination or any other requirement please get in touch
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