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Beach Diving



Beach Diving 150 Saudi Riyals
PER MEAL FOOD 25 Saudi Riyals
Normal Tank 25 Saudi Riyals
High Pressure 30 Saudi Riyals
Nitrox Tanks 40 Saudi Riyals (Advance Booking required)
BCD 25 Saudi Riyals
Regulator 25 Saudi Riyals
Mask & Snorkel 10 Saudi Riyals
Full Foot fins 10 Saudi Riyals
Open Heel Fins 10 Saudi Riyals
Dive Boots 10 Saudi Riyals
Weight Belts 10 Saudi Riyals
Wetsuit 20 Saudi Riyals
Torch 25 Saudi Riyals (without batteries)
Computer 50 Saudi Riyals

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Masks, fins, tanks, BCDs, regulators... we've got it all We sell diving equipments from the best European and American manufacturers like Cressi Sub, XS Scuba, Trident, Sea Pearls, GULL etc. We have a comprehensive range of diving and snorkeling equipment for you to rent.

GEAR Rental Prices:

Normal tank 25 SR
High pressure 30 SR
Nitrox Tanks 40 SR (Advance booking required)
Regulator 25 SR
Mask &snorkel 10 SR
Full foot fins 10 SR
Open heel fins 10 SR
Dive boots 10 SR
Weight belts 10 SR
Wetsuit 20 SR
Torch 25 SR (without batteries)
Computer 50 SR
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